HELP FOR HEROES INC. is proud to announce we are in Development/Production of an Action-Family Drama Feature Film targeting the astounding suicide rate among First Responders resulting from job-related PTSD and Depression.

Last year alone 138 First Responders (Sheriff’s Dept.) gave their lives in the line of duty. A staggering 154 MORE, took their lives, tragically in the act of suicide. We asked ourselves, what is the largest media forum Help For Heroes can utilize to achieve a global (and at home) breakthrough for First Responders, and their loved ones to shine light on this dark epidemic. Through serious prayer, and a lot of sweat equity, the process of funding, filming and distributing a theatrical film has been jettisoned into reality as all the hard working units from both Help For Heroes and Hollywood have united in order to effect a positive, lasting change.

Hollywood does not have the strongest reputation among positivity toward Law Enforcement, but there are great troops among the artistic troupes who support, in full, the Los Angeles County First Responders (and globally) and have aligned to showcase the importance of our Street Saviors and the harsh effects of what they endure daily in order to serve and protect.

LIFE WORTH LIVING, is going to save lives. This is a movie with a mission.

A Capra’esque “It’s A Wonderful Life” theme carries the story of Sgt., John Scott of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and each of his humble-warrior peers of every First Responding branch, as they deal with the heat of daily, desert duties keeping streets safe, while keeping their trauma streamlined into a facade of sanity. But when the pressure over-boils, it leads Scott to the brink of suicide, as so many real life First Responders are, with a watching-world oblivious to their hidden hurt.

LIFE WORTH LIVING is “Lethal Weapon” meets “Field Of Dreams” with stylistic action and heart, appropriate for all ages, with a message for the ages, and an eternal impact beyond. Join the fight, and align with us now.





Christian Scott is the President/CEO of Help For Heroes. He is also the founder and creator of the organization.

Christian has served in Law Enforcement for over 20 years. He currently works as a Sergeant for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He has worked in many different capacities throughout his career.

Some of the assignments he has worked are ; Custody, Courts Services, and Patrol. He has been serving in a patrol capacity in the Antelope Valley for over 11 years. He spent four of those years as a Field Training Officer.

It was during his time serving over these many years in Law Enforcement that he has seen the great need for there to be an organization like Help For Heroes. With all of the traumatic events First Responders experience on a daily basis, Christian felt like there needed to be a way to reach out and provide additional support in the realms of Mentoring, Counseling, and Morale Boosting of our First Responders.

As a result of the ongoing stresses associated with living a life as a First Responder there is a serious increase in PTSD, divorce, and suicide. Christian is committed, along with the Help For Heroes team, to target these issues, keep families together, save lives and help our heroes continues to stand firm, and fight the good fight!



Simone Bartesaghi is an Italian award-winning filmmaker who has been recognized by the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producer) as an artist with "Extraordinary Ability in Directing”. At the age of 24 Simone received his Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Pisa, Italy. Three years later he established a successful Consulting Company specializing in Corporate Organization and Planning. In 2001 he gave up his thriving career to pursue his childhood dream. 

Two years later he won several prizes as the Writer/Director of short films.  His highest recognition came when he won the first and second place at the Milan International Film Festival, and became the recipient of both the Top and Second Awards -- TWO Scholarships to The Los Angeles Film School. Only four years after his arrival in the United States, Simone directed his first feature film DOWNSTREAM, which acquired a theatrical release and also received the prestigious Accolade Award.

Simone's second feature RUN, a 3D film that he wrote and directed, has won several prizes including Best Screenplay and Best Emerging Director and is distributed in the USA by Millennium. The movie is about the new discipline Parkour (Freerunning) with a rich cast including Eric Roberts (THE DARK KNIGHT), Adrian Pasdar (HEROES), Kelsey Chow (WIND RIVER) and William Moseley (CHRONICLES OF NARNIA). Simone’s accomplishments and communicative skills have been recognized by many educational organizations around the world and he is now an Adjunct Professor in Filmmaking at the prestigious Santa Monica College and UCLA. Simone is also a published author with his book "The Director's Six Senses", an innovative, unique, and engaging approach to the development of the skills that every visual storyteller must have.  Simone believes that organization makes creativity work and that there is only one language that everybody can comprehend: The Language Of Images.



Colin Bird is not an Italian award-winning filmmaker.  Midwest through and true, Bird set flight for Hollywood 15 years and the exact same dream ago: Bring Values To Film.  A former Nursing Home Chaplain, World-Recording Setting Endurance-Adventure Runner who's lost over 300 lbs he spent his formative Tinseltown years not only graduating Film School (The Los Angeles Film School; Hollywood) and working within the Studio System (Paramount Pictures; Hollywood) but serving as a Youth Mentor, Kids’ & Family Healthy Lifestyle Counselor and Motivational Speaker for schools and Not-For-Profits, specializing in the topics of AntiBullying, Weight Loss and Grief Counseling.  Then by night, utilizing those powerful stories within the storied screenplays Bird returned home to write, for both Television and Feature Films. In every single script, Bird incorporates inspirational elements of characters being “Based on a True Story.”

Bird’s first major theatrical release is 2019’s JUNKIE (Miles To Go) starring Christian Kane (THE LIBRARIANS; AMC)  and James Duval (INDEPENDENCE DAY; DONNIE DARKO), directed by Tim Russ (STAR TREK VOYAGER; DIE HARD 4), about a heroin addict who must force herself clean in order to save her brother’s life.  As well, the 2020 feature MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE which took Bird, in his first lead cinema acting roll, across the Country in a road-trip love story film, shooting in every State across the Nation, from the White House, to the Farm House on the very small town street he was raised.

LIFE WORTH LIVING is more than a passion project for Bird, it’s part of his purpose.  Bringing Values To Screen. With family members and life-long friends serving as First Responders, Bird the storyteller has been forced to sit back helplessly in his writer's chair, praying as the Humble Heroes in his life, daily risk theirs, while he hopes they thrive and survive to write home about it.  Now, after years known of nothing but overcoming; turning dark seasons into the light of the big screen, Bird finally gets to scribe this story of inspiration, of aiming higher and realizing hitting rock bottom is a good thing, because when you're there, there’s nowhere to look, but “up.”  Colin Bird is also an acclaimed novelist with his first book in an uplifting trilogy, DEATH: WHAT NOT TO SAY (How To Confidently Approach A Grieving Person and All The Things Not To Do And Say) available in stores and online at: .  He resides in Hollywood. CA.  Not Italy.  


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