Counseling Services  

Our purpose is to provide an organization where First Responders can seek and receive professional counseling for themselves and their families. While functioning in a First Responder capacity, members are exposed to an extreme amount of stress while performing their everyday duties. This inevitably puts a strain on personal lives and relationships.

With our services, First Responders can receive counseling from our organization in a confidential and individualized capacity. First Responders are part of a unique community and require an individual approach to counseling. Our counselors are trained and qualified in target-specific areas maximizing these intimate understandings, providing the best results.

As a community, First Responders are at higher risk of suicide and divorce. The suicide rate of First Responders is close to three times that of the general public. The divorce rate is upward of 65%-80% whereas the general public sits at a divorce rate of approximately 50%.

It is this organization’s goal to reduce suicide and divorce rates among First Responders by providing important outlets for them and their families. Via workshops and training, family members participate and learn about on the job stresses along with the a healthy connecting of other family members of First Responders.


For a closer look at the very real statistics of First Responder tragedy, below are links to the respected research of The Ruderman Foundation work in the Mental Health and Suicide Rates of First Responders: